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Coffee Incubator - Startup Box - Starbox

Dear all,

You might know me but must probably you don't. 

I sometimes have good business ideas that never get realized so let me share with you my latest.

When I visited Silicon Valley I had the opportunity in making a Radio Show about the Valley.

I focused on the startup culture and one of the more fundamental parts of the piece were the Coffee Shops.

Many of the Social media startups had their origin in such a palace of free wifi, free electricity and over priced coffee beverages.

Why not take this insight and build an incubator around... well good coffe.

Better yet let's expand it and make it profitable.

I still believe that Luxembourg can be the center of innovation all over Europe. 

We have one of the highest GDP's (Oct 2010) and everything just seems right.

So my advice would be to start this thing in Luxembourg (City?)

Why you would ask. We do not have a set of proper Coffee Shops that serve that purpose. We have a very closed startup community that rots in our Incubator(s). 

But eventually this will change and needs to change if Luxembourg wants to succeed in the Future. (the Banks won't be here forever)

We need:

* Physical Place

* Good Coffee

* Some misc. drinks

* Snacks, Lunch and light-Dinner options (hackers have to be fed)

* High-speed internet

* minimal office infrastructure (printers are only nearly dead)

* startup community

We have:

* Over-priced rent in Luxembourg-City

* A government that wants to see new options

* A few venture capitals that take risks

* A lot of Banks that take no risks at all with small ideas

* A brilliant geo-graphic location in Europe

* A university that needs to re-think business

* No cash whatsoever


I will not go into details how to run a Coffee Shop business that is pretty obvious and has been done for decades.

Also the main income will be not via the Coffee or Food, but via the startups that use the infrastructure and the service around it.

Services provided:

* Mentoring, Matching and Networking with like minded people

* Business Lunches with the above people. (Mentors eat for free)

* Hassle free Internet

* Consulting on implementing Tech

* IT Support for your portable devices

* others as this project grows

Why will this work:

Business is often done during Lunch. There is NO place in Luxembourg where you can meet the Entrepreneurs of tomorrow. This is a Public place and open for all. The startups do not need to pay rent and only pay for the paper they use. The startups can even get micro kick-offs ($) if needed. The crazier the idea the more interested we are.

What's the catch:

A minimal percentage in your Future startup will be invested in, your success will be a mutual one!

Initial investment:

6 months of rent

ideally you partner with an existing bar

spare cash to invest small time (50k?)

a network of believers 

a web interface that makes this manageable OR just use LinkedIN, Facebook, Twitter and Letslunch.com

That would be pretty much it.

Now if you like the idea and flock out to start such a thing, please let me know.

If you do this in Luxembourg, please let me know.

If you want help, please let me know.

Luxembourg means Business!

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